5 Surprising Reasons Why Exercise Is Very Good For Your Health

Are you suffering from the disease called, ‘sitting around all day long’?

Yes, it’s a disease and if not dealt properly, it can cost you dearly.

So, how can you combat this problem?


For some of you, the workout may be akin to climbing a mountain, but if you desire to improve your health, then you have to bite the bullet. 

Not a day goes by without a newspaper or research flagging up the numerous health benefits of exercise. And the interesting thing is that all of them are right! 

Therefore, it is high time you paid attention to your health and get involved in more physical activities. 

For your convenience, below I have listed 5 surprising reasons why exercise is beneficial for your health.

Sound Sleep

Unless you are in Las Vegas, you’d not like to miss out on a sound sleep at night. 

However, due to anxieties, stress or other reasons, you might be experiencing trouble with your sleep, such as difficulty in falling asleep or sleepless nights. 

In such a situation, an hour of low-intensity training every day can do you a world of good. 

According to the national sleep foundation, exercise is beneficial for a sound sleep. In a survey conducted on 1000 people, they found that those who exercised vigorously during the day had enjoyed the sleep best. 

Having difficulty to figure out the relationship between sweat and sleep?

You might know that stress is often the primary reason for our sleep problems. But you might not be aware of the fact that a few minutes of aerobics can reduce your stress level significantly, which in turn enables you to have a sound sleep. 

Exercise is also effective in brightening up your mood and can be an effective remedy for anxieties and other emotional problems. Moreover, scientific evidence has shown that exercise can be an effective therapy for insomnia patients. 

Beneficial For Your Brain Health and Memory

Contrary to popular belief, books are not the only thing that can help your brain. 

Believe it or not, moving around, preferably vigorously, can contribute substantially to the development of your brain and benefit your grey matter.

Research shows that exercise has a profound effect on our brains and certain physical activities can even change the structure of it in a precise way. 

Physical activities can also help you to sharpen your mind and boost your memory. 

Let me explain a little bit in details.

Hippocampus, as you might know, is the center of the emotion and memory systems in our brain.

So, this part of our brain, named hippocampus, is extremely responsive to aerobic exercise and gets expanded as we get fitter (scientifically proven). This explains why exercises are effective in improving our memories.

Furthermore, physical activities can slow down cognitive decline and delay the onset of Alzheimer. Awesome, right?

Will Make You Happy

You must be asking, how the hell is working my ass off in a gym gonna make me happy?

First of all, many people do find immense joy in crazy workouts in a fitness club. But, if you are not that type of person, and abhor workout sessions (we share mutual feelings in this regard), then you can find joy in low-impact activities like cycling or swimming.

Cycling through the neighborhood or trekking on a bike can relieve you of your monotonous routine and allow you to have a good time. 

But, I would recommend that you buy the best comfort bikes from sportsly, as it would allow you to navigate through the hard terrain with ease.

Moreover, research has shown that exercise helps to improve our overall mood and vanish negative feelings, such as depression.

On top of that, the sensitivity of the hormones such as norepinephrine and serotonin, which are responsible for reducing depression, receives a boost through regular exercise. 

In addition, cardio exercises increase the production of a hormone called endorphins, which are known to aid in producing positive feelings and cut out the pain.

Reduces Your Risk of Disease

Despite health being the single most important thing in your life, we often give no attention to its maintenance. 

As a result, we often get involved in a long-term relationship with various diseases, such as obesity or diabetes type-2, which leave no stone unturned to turn our happiness into ashes. However, with regular exercise, you can lose your weight, which always results in an improvement in health.

If you train your body regularly, it can improve your overall health, reduce the risk of cardio diseases and fat levels. 

Conversely, a lack of regular physical activity will lead to increased fat belly, higher chances of type 2 diabetes, and cardio diseases such as stroke, hypertension, and cardiac arrest. 

Regular exercise also plays a role in alleviating chronic problems such as back pain, as it helps to develop your muscle strength and endurance.  In addition, it improves the posture and flexibility of your body.

Improve Your Social Life

An unexpected but welcome perk of regular exercise is that it can work wonders for your social life.

Through gym sessions you can meet new people and, if it suits both of you, become friends.

It will also give you an opportunity to build a rapport with your neighbors, as you can invite them for a bike ride or morning workout sessions.

You can even get your friends involved, as you can join a fitness club together or get them enrolled in a yoga class along with you.

And, what’s more, you can spice up your workout sessions by doing them with your spouse. It will allow you to spend time together and improve your fitness simultaneously.


Love it or hate it, but you must admit that regular exercise is a must to maintain good health. 

My advice to you is that if you are serious about getting into shape, and improving your overall fitness level, then you must take up exercise as soon as possible. 

Therefore, think about the importance of exercise in your life and decide which is more important for you; your sedentary lifestyle, or a healthy body. Anyways, have a great day. Ta-Da!


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